Japanese Literature in Norway (2017)

Kaminka, Ika

While Japanese literature might presently be experience a minor boom, literature from Japan is exceedingly underrepresented in Norwegian translation. The present paper will trace the development of translation of Japanese literature from the sketchy beginnings with relay translations via English and German, to the present, discussion briefly what has motivated the selection of works to be translated.

Discovering historical evidences at archives across four countries (2017)

Hanyu Kōichi

A historical study across geopolitically different countries must be examined through considering their backgrounds and relations with each country. However, it demands enormous tasks and time for researching and evaluating historical evidences due to different languages, and political, social and cultural backgrounds. In this session, I would like to introduce the outline of my study on The Nobel Peace Prize of the year 1974 and Japan, and share my experiences as researcher how I searched those historical evidences in 4 countries (Norway, Britain, U.S and Japan) to support the study.