Yokota-Carter, Keiko
University of Michigan Graduate Library. Japanese studies librarian

Resources for Japanese studies for everyone! : improve accessibility for visually impaired users project

University of Michigan Library is "committed to providing equal access to information and services for all students, faculty, and staff members. We aim to provide an equitable experience for individuals with disabilities by following accessibility standards, responding to user feedback, and providing support and accommodations." (U-M Library Accessibility Statement)

This presentation is a progress report of the project of increasing accessibility to Japanese studies materials in the Library’s Digital Collections for inclusive users.
In this project we describe the digitized slide art images of Jinken, the slide show of the principles in Japanese Constitution, and the art images of the Mushi no utaawase scroll (1800’s). The description texts are narrated by the speech reader software for visually impaired users. We hope that Japanese resource will be more discoverable and benefit for all kinds of people.

The project is a library-funded summer internship which has educational purpose for undergraduate students called Michigan Library Scholar (MLS). Primarily, the MLS student learns from the Library’s Accessibility Specialists about the principles of accessibility and methods involved in describing artworks for visually impaired individuals. The working experience with Japanese Studies Librarian and experts in Japanese art further deepens the student’s knowledge of the materials in the collection in Japanese Studies.

すべての人に日本研究資料を! : 視覚障害利用者へのアクセスを改善するプロジェクト