National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics
(Ogiso Toshinobu,Takada Tomokazu)






■大英図書館所蔵 天草版『平家物語』『伊曽保物語』『金句集』画像


The National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL) develops a variety of large-scale resources (corpora and databases) and makes them available to the general public.

■Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese (BCCWJ)
This is a corpus created for the purpose of attempting to grasp the diversity of contemporary written Japanese. The data comprises 104.3 million words covering various genres. Morphological information and document structure were annotated to randomly taken samples. BCCWJ is available to the public online as well as a DVD set.

■Corpus of Historical Japanese (CHJ)
This corpus collects materials to research the history of the Japanese language. The development of this corpus is ongoing, with a view to producing a diachronic corpus that covers the period from the ancient to the modern times. What is already built is currently available.

■Bibliographic Database of Japanese Language Research
This is a database of articles dealing with the Japanese language that have appeared in academic journals and anthologies. New entries are constantly added and the approximately 230,000 articles can be searched for online.

Linguistic Atlas of Japan
Grammar Atlas of Japanese Dialects
All image data from these two linguistic atlas series, which are compiled and published by NINJAL, can be browsed online.

■Images of the Amakusa edition of Heike monogatari, Isoho monogatari and Kinkushū in the British Library collection
In collaboration with the British Library, this website makes available in the public domain colour JPEG images of Heike monogatari, Isoho monogatari and Kinkushū and the accompanying glossary and vocabulary.