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The Japan Times Archives 1897–2018, newly released The Japan Advertiser
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◆ The Japan Times Archives: The Japan Times was first published in March 1897, with the backing of Hirobumi Ito and Yukichi Fukuzawa, two key figures in Japan's Meiji Era modernization. It was the first English-language newspaper produced in Japan by Japanese editorial and managerial staff. The Japan Times Archives includes every page of every newspaper published since that first issue. Each page has been made searchable through OCR scans. It is now available through a purchase plan or an annual subscription. This spring, we released new content, “The Japan advertiser (1913-1940),” which provides a U.S. view on Japan ‘s diplomacy, especially Japan’s aggressive advancement into Asia during the pre-war period.

The Japan Times Digital
This service gives subscribers easy access to online content from The Japan Times, the country’s largest English newspaper by circulation. The Japan Times Digital updates with the latest news 24 hours a day, covering politics, the economy, culture, society, sports and other topics in Japan. From this July, it added value content such as “The Argument,” “Deep Dive” and more, while strengthening opinion and analysis. Please enjoy our original and independent reporting in Japan.

We are planning a workshop to introduce the contents and access procedures for The Japan Times Archives as well as The Japan Times Digital.

We look forward to welcoming you at the workshop.

The Japan Times Archives:ジャパンタイムズは、1897年3月、伊藤博文、福沢諭吉の支援により、日本で初めて日本人が経営・編集する英字新聞として創刊されました。以来120年以上にわたる紙面をデジタル化し、全文OCRによるキーワード検索を可能にしたのが ジャパンタイムズアーカイブです。購入型と年間購読型のプランからお選びいただけます。去年追加した幕末期のジャパンタイムズの他に、

◆ The Japan Times Digital:英字新聞として日本国内で最大の発行部数を誇るジャパンタイムズのニュースサイトです。24時間体制で記事を、随時更新しており、日本の最新ニュースを英語でお届けしています。7月には内容を一新。”The Argument” での対立論者の主張のぶつけ合いによって核心に迫る記事や “Deep Dive”でより深くお伝えしています。ジャパンタイムズの独自の記事をお楽しみください。


About The Japan Times:
As the nation’s oldest English-language newspaper, with a history dating to 1897, The Japan Times is committed to providing news and analysis of the current state of events in Japan and the world through its reporting of the news about politics, business, culture, society and sports.